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Welcome to this website. I am currently missioned to work at the Jesuit Institute and contribute to Spotlight.Africa, and care for the Jesuit Community in Johannesburg. I also teach part-time at St Augustine College.

I will awake the dawn Thought for the day Published on 08 Aug 2020 Awake my soul, awake lyre and harp, I will awake the dawn.  Psalm 56 (57). Mis over mountains and valleys.

Awake my soul, awake lyre and harp, I will awake the dawn.

Psalm 56 (57)

Pope Francis: “When you experience bitterness, put your faith in all those who still work for good: in their humility lies the seed of a new world.”

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- Mike Pothier

The need for ongoing healing from the wounds of racism

South African bishops have been condemning the presence of racism and racist attitudes for nearly 80 years. Mike Pothier reflects on the latest appeal by Bishop João Rodrigues for South Africans to continue to find healing from the “terrible sickness” of racism.

On 29 July, Bishop João Rodrigues of Tzaneen Diocese issued a pastoral letter entitled “South Africa, Racism and Healing in the Spirit of Christ,” published on the website of the Southern African Bishops’ Conference.

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- Matthew Charlesworth SJ

President’s address sends a mixed message

Reacting to President Cyril Ramaphosa’s address to the nation on 12 July, Matthew Charlesworth comments that the President could have done more to foster popular good will in pursuing the common good. Nevertheless, he urges citizens to continue to support the authorities by doing all they can to mitigate the effects of COVID-19.

President Cyril Ramaphosa addressed us again on 12 July. In his previous addresses, he spoke with a measure of reassurance.

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