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A typical day

A typical day

Canisius pupils cleaning some of the school areas

Canisius pupils cleaning some of the school areas

One of the things that most impresses me about the pupils at Canisius is their work ethic. Take a look at a typical day:

05h45 Rise
06h00 Cleaning dormitory areas
06h30 Breakfast
07h00 Cleaning classroom areas
07h15 Classes commence
09h55 Break
10h20 Classes continue
13h00 End of Classes
13h15 Lunch
14h00 Clean school areas / Study
15h00 Clubs and Societies / Sports and Games
17h45 Supper
18h30 Evening study begins
21h00 End of Evening Study / Group Meetings
21h30 Grades 8 and 9 go to bed
22h00 Seniors go to bed, Light out

It might be just that the Seniors are nearing their exams – but some students appear to study from 22h30-00h00 or wake up at 04h00 and study until 05h30. Though their efforts might be counter-productive – there certainly is a huge desire to learn and succeed. They know that education is their only way out of the poverty that blights Zambia.

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A typical day

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