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Richard’s visit

Richard’s visit

I have been settling into the routine of teaching and marking and becoming accustomed to the school and getting a firmer grip on some of my duties in the boarding house. One of the highlights of the month though was the visit of an old friend from Wits University who I knew through Debating. Richard Stupart is busy doing a Cape-Cairo trip across Africa on public transport before he begins his Journalism course at Rhodes University (it is no secret that I was very pleased to hear that he is going to attend Rhodes, especially in the Journalism Department’s new building!). Richard has written about his time in Chikuni on his blog. I would like to thank Richard for taking some pictures of the Mission. These include not only the boys school but also the Hospital, Parish, Radio Station and Teachers’ Training College. Some of these photos are in Richard’s post – and others will feature in this blog. Richard also brought some DVD’s of practice-debates which I hope to use with our Debating Society next term. If anyone would like to sponsor us to attend the African School Debating Championships in Johannesburg next year, please get in touch.

Visit Richard’s blog and read his impressions from his visit.

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