End-of-term1 min read

End-of-term1 min read

I have completed my marking and whilst I don’t know how my classes fared overall – there was some marginal improvement from their mid-term tests to the final exams – which offers me some hope. I’ve found out that from next term my three Maths classes will be reduced to one and I’ll take over some computer science teaching as well (this is because the school has recently hired another Maths teacher). We are also expecting another Regent to join the staff.

So – after submitting the marks I am off to Lusaka for a few days rest and then will do my Annual 8-day retreat at the Jesuit Novitiate in Lusaka.

Fr Matthew Charlesworth, S.J. is a South African Jesuit who blogs at https://matthewcharlesworth.name/. Disclaimer: The proprietor and contributors to https://matthewcharlesworth.name/ do not speak for the Society of Jesus or for the Catholic Church.

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