Chikuni Mission

Greetings from Zambia! I arrived safely and have been here for almost 4 weeks now. After leaving London I spent a week in Johannesburg with my family and with the Jesuits there before flying to Lusaka. I spent two days in Lusaka before travelling to Chikuni...

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="310" caption="Marking by candlelight"][/caption] Africa is known for her problems with electricity supply. I had known that in South Africa there was load-shedding and that there were more pronounced problems in the rest of Africa. In Zambia, since arriving I have experienced 17...

Today we celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Charles Lwanga College of Education which also forms part of the Mission here at Chikuni. Other centres include a cultural and linguistic institute to preserve and promote the Tonga culture; a hospital (really a suped-up-clinic which does a...

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